Saturday, April 23, 2005

Vote SNP in these places

I haven't undergone a conversion, my main motivation is still to try to reduces Blair's majority in the next parliament. At the moment it's looking like Blair is going to win another 100+ majority and the thought of that makes me sick to the stomach. If you feel the same way and want to give Blair a bloody nose, the following constituencies are places where you can do this by voting SNP. I've said before that I like a lot of the policies of the SNP and I stand by that. They haven't abandoned their principles in the way that the Blair government has.
But before that, a quick reminder about my own constituency, Aberdeen South. Here it is a straight contest between Anne Begg (Lab) and Vicki Harris (LD). One of these two will be elected, none of the other parties are in contention to win the seat. I urge you to vote Liberal Democrat and so does backingblair.

Without further ado, with the help of Stuart at Independence, here are the places where the SNP can win at the expense of Blair's Labour. The links supplied will take you to the BBC Scotland page for the relevant constituency and the backingblair page for the same.

Dundee East - the SNP candidate is Stewart Hosie, backingblair agrees. Vote SNP here!

Ochil & South Perthshire - the SNP candidate is Annabelle Ewing, backingblair agrees. Vote SNP here!

Dumfries and Galloway - the SNP candidate is Douglas Henderson, backingblair page is down. The Conservatives are notionally in second but I still think you should vote SNP here!

Na h-Eileanan an Iar (Western Isles) - the SNP candidate is Angus MacNeil, backingblair agrees. Vote SNP here!

These two are notionally safe Labour seats but the SNP are the second place party and the most likely to achieve a result. They are:
Aberdeen North and Linlithgow & East Falkirk. Vote SNP here too!

Thanks again to Stuart at Independence for his help. Sorry Stuart, I'm afraid I've left out one of your suggestions as the Liberal Democrats are the second place party and my own inherent bias means I can't recommend voting for the SNP there. I do recommend checking out Stuart's blog if you want more information on the SNP. He really is doing an excellent job for his cause. Solidarity Bloggers!

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