Thursday, April 28, 2005

Late News

Real World Intrudes on Blogging!

Bearing the above in mind, this post will be a hurried shambles. I've hardly been near a computer all day so I've not even had a chance to read any blogs. And so much has been happening. The full legal advice seems to be in the hands of the BBC and C4. Blair says it vindicates him, Howard says he's a liar (he's a bit late in the game, isn't he?) I'm not nearly well enough informed to express any opinions on these events so I won't bother (Doesn't normally stop you. Ed.) Interesting stuff though.

I had a mini crisis today when the borrowed camera stopped working after just two photos. I thought it might have been because it got a bit damp as it wasn't the driest of days in Aberdeen. Turns out the battery had run flat so there was no need to panic. I've got one half decent picture which I might post tomorrow.

I also managed to get to the library to see if I could find a copy of the "Straight, No Chaser" documentary on video. Unfortunately I was out of luck, they don't have it. I did get a Thelonious Monk CD and I can confirm that I still like jazz! I will try to get my hands on a copy of the documentary at some stage. (Thanks for the recommendation, Monk rocks and jazzes too!)

Thats it. I've done other things today but they were too dull to write about. Yes, more dull than the above. Difficult to believe but true all the same.

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