Saturday, April 16, 2005

Interesting People Saying Things 3

A friendly hello to The Bag of Bears, soon to be a new addition to my blogroll. Nice blog and I really can't get enough of that profile photo (I'm also a sucker for flattery, especially from fellow hairy mammals. Just promise not to eat me if we ever meet).

We've had Alastair Campbell, now Michael Howard is at it (link via the real tom watson).
I think all three of these might have to go in my Election Links.

A Message from Albia is well worth a read (via The Skakagrall).
More blogroll additions. There is so much good stuff on that there interweb thingy.

Some Not Hysterical Newspaper Reporting
Here are a couple of slightly more considered reports into the al-Qaida "poisoners conspiracy".
No.1 A sledgehammer for a nut, in the Times (via Guardian 2005 Election Blog).
No.2 Doubts grow over al-Qaida link in ricin plot, in the Guardian (via me reading it).

Justin at Chicken Yoghurt got there long before almost anyone in the "real media". Good to see some of them eventually catching on.

And Finally
The BBC is collecting the best election cliches at the Cliche watch. It's pretty funny, although in all honesty I'm just hoping they'll publish my suggestion if I link to it. Go on BBC, fuel my ego, you know you want to.

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