Thursday, April 07, 2005


Today really was the last PMQ's before the general election (in fact it was yesterday if you want to be pedantic about it, I don't mind). I have to be honest and say that I haven't watched all of it because I was doing something else at the time. I've seen most of it now on news reports and I also read Leaders stage face-to-face-battle on the BBC website and seen the entire "battle" between Blair and Howard via BBCi.
I'll paraphrase what happened for those who might have missed it:

Howard - "Yaa boo, yaa boo, yaa boo, yaa boo, yaa boo, yaa boo!"
Blair - "Boo yaa, boo yaa, boo yaa, boo yaa, boo yaa, boo yaa!"

This might be slightly unfair in that I've portrayed the differences between the policies of the two men as further apart than they actually are. I have made sure that both candidates have been given an equal amount of coverage though (yes, I did count them, oh dear). I must also give grudging respect to Howard for making me laugh when he asked how many Labour candidates were using Blair's picture on their literature. It's not really funny when you think about it but I laughed at the time. I'm sure I can remember Blair saying he would step down before he became an electoral liability. Oh well, what's another lie between him and "us"?

While stumbling around the BBC website I also found a Voters guide for people who have never voted before. I tried to write something like this once but it just sounded patronising. It did motivate one person to say they will vote, and it was written with that person in mind, so it wasn't entirely a failure. And they won't be voting for Blair or Howard which makes it even better.

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