Thursday, April 07, 2005

Anne Begg Blogs

In a previous post I mentioned that Anne Begg is my MP. Now that the election has been called Anne Begg is no longer my MP. Instead she is the Labour candidate for Aberden South and as part of her campaign she has started Anne's Campaign Blog. I did email Anne to suggest she might like to do this so I think it is only right that I put a link in my blogroll and read her blog regularly. I'm not claiming any credit, I'm sure Anne has been planning to do this for some time*. At some point I'll see if I can leave a constructive comment in the spirit of blogging friendship.

I'm trying to listen to Channel 4 News as I write this so that's all for now. I'll be blogging some blogs later on.

*I am not being sarcastic. It doesn't happen often so I thought I should make it clear.

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