Saturday, April 09, 2005

TARDIS Wanted (must be in good condition)

It's not a post about Doctor Who although I am looking forward to episode 3 tonight. No, it is a "So much to do, so little time" post. If you do have a TARDIS for sale, preferably one which can take me back about 4 weeks or so, get in touch. I'll make you a reasonable offer, guaranteed. Here is a quick good and bad news post in the mean time.

Bad News
I said in a previous post that I'd be going to the Make Poverty History demonstration in Edinburgh on the 2nd July. I asked the one person I know who would be sure to come with me and she said she couldn't go and neither could I. Why not? It's because there is a wedding on that day and we'll both be there. I'd forgotten. I'm hopeless at remembering stuff like that. It's a wedding I cannot miss (it's not mine before you ask). So this is an appeal. If you know of any peaceful demonstrations which are being held later in the same week, could you let me know? So far, I've only found information on demonstrations which don't look likely to be very peaceful. I'm not going to critisize but that sort of thing just isn't for me.

Good News
In my continued adventures in computer land I've eventually managed to install an RSS reader. It was a free download from Sage and it integrates rather nicely with the Firefox browser.
On Monday, it will be 4 weeks since my last cigarette and it's getting easier to deal with the urges every day. The blog has helped because I know I'd have to admit failure here if I cave in.
I got my first Trackback today. Link on my blogroll coming up later on. (Apologies in advance to Blogger, I'm going to republish the whole blog to update the template in my archives. I don't do it every time but I'm doing it today.)
Update - It's just dawned on me that I should have added a link and sent a trackback myself.
The post is First Blog by a Scottish MP, MEP or MSP? on Independence and the trackback is on it's way.

That's it for now. I'll be posting information on Vick Harris, the Lib Dem candidate for Aberdeen South, very soon. I'm still trying to find some more details first.

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