Thursday, April 07, 2005

Interesting People Saying Things 1

Last night, while everyone sensible was sleeping, I read Never mind the facts... on What You Can Get Away With. Nick has obviously spent a lot more time playing with Peter Snow's Swingometer than I have. If you are worried about tactical voting leading to a Tory victory I'd say it's a must read.

Chicken Yoghurt also has an interesting project on this with the launch of the Official Peter Hain's Back Door Watch.
A little while back I also found Google News Alerts via Chicken Yoghurt, I realise now I should have mentioned this at the time. Still, better late than never. Hurray for Chicken Yoghurt!

I also looked at an interesting link via Robin at in this post about Tony Blair's campaign diary (which I'd agree is the most stage managed affair I've seen for a long while). It is the blog of a certain Alastair Campbell. It's fascinating stuff.

An addition to my blogging etiquette:
If you want to link to another blog, you should try to get all the information you need on your first attempt. That way you won't have to do a second visit to get the necessary URL's or what have you. Obvious to most people, but not to me. Oh well, if you don't make mistakes, you never have the opportunity to learn from them.

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