Saturday, April 02, 2005

Diary Post 10

I'm still pretty new at this blogging business but I feel I'm getting the hang of it. I'm still not sure about linking to other blogs. A nice person linked to here and I want to link back but, with me being shy and all, I never quite know how to go about it. I'll work it out. Anyway, thank you.
I'm proud to be Scottish, but I'm easily confused by things I don't understand.

Other good news:
1 I'm sleepy and it's only 2.30am. This is a big improvement compared to earlier in the week.
2 I have not had a cigarette for 18 days.
3 I've been visiting relatives today and had lots of fun.
4 I printed out a poster of a cat which makes me slime every time I look at it.

I might try to sort out my index pages before I switch off. I've been neglecting them and there are quite a few posts to be added. I'll have a cup of tea before I decide.

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