Saturday, April 02, 2005

It's a Beautiful Day

Still struggling slightly with sleeping at a normal time, but at least I'm sleeping a few hours a night/day again which is a help. I woke up to find the sun shining in a clear blue sky. I've been out for a walk and I have to say that I'm feeling in a very good mood. I feel like I should also say that the reason I spend so much time doing this blog is because I really enjoy it. I enjoy writing (it's my version of liking the sound of your own voice), and although I sometimes get stressed out by the issues I write about, I'd be more stressed if I didn't write down what I think about these things.

Update, 4 April - I've decided to stay here.
I still can't decide about this, but I'm starting to think that I'll probably stay here. (Thank you for the offer of a hamster photo, my lateral thinking must have been temporarily out of order because I can borrow a camera and go to a pet shop myself if I need to. Very nice of you to offer though, I am very happy that you did.)

Anyway, in keeping with my good mood, I've decided to tell a joke. I remembered it after reading an article called Big fall in language students in the Guardian last month. It is one that a Dutch person told me many years ago when I lived there. Here it is:

Hoe heet ye eimand de maar een taal spreekt?

Ik denk heel veel andere landen hebben ook grapje's zoals dit. Als ye iets in Nederland wilt zeggen, kan ye alstublieft geen groote worden gebruiken. Bedankt.

OK, I know my spelling is bad and my grammer is awful, but I do understand Dutch if you speak to me slowly and in a loud voice. There is the possibility of a place in my soon to be constructed blogroll for the first person who puts the English translation of this joke in the comments to this post. I'm going now to sit outside in the sun and read a book. I'll be back later.

PS, I am glad the Guardian article wasn't written in French because I wouldn't have understood a word of it ;o)

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