Thursday, April 07, 2005

Sir Sean on the Phone

If you don't live in Scotland, you might not be aware that Sean Connery is an SNP supporter. I'm not going to knock him for that, he has a right to his own opinion, although as far as I know he doesn't live in Scotland these days. I don't supoort the SNP myself, partly because they seem to have an obsession with the English stealing "our oil". It's this kind of nationalism I can do without. It's not as if we Scots can claim to have made the oil ourselves. It's a geological feature, an accident of history if you like, and I'd prefer to regard it as a world resource.

Anyway, I read in todays Press and Journal (I can't find it on the site, it's on p12 of todays paper) that Sir Sean has recorded a 35 second message urging people to vote SNP. This message is going to be delivered to up to 250,000 Scots via an automated service before polling day. I haven't heard the message yet and since H2O is registered with the no cold calls service and HQ doesn't have a landline at the moment, I'm probably unlikely to hear it. I have to be honest and say that I'm not overly disappointed. Celebrity endorsement and automated cold calling all rolled into one, brilliant!
Cynical marketing ploy or grown up political debate? You decide.

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