Thursday, June 02, 2005

Comment Policy

Update - 06/04/06

I'm currently switching back to Blogger comments. Please use the Blogger comment system please. The Haloscan system is only going to be there till the older comments drop off.

Update off

Comment policy? I know. I write one marginally interesting post and it's all gone to my head. What am I like?
In fact, I actually felt the need to edit a comment for the first time the other day, so I thought this might save me the bother of having to do it again. Here we go:

Comments are welcome. I like comments. Feel free to express your opinions. I'm always interested to know what people think. Generally, I prefer not to have swearing in the comments unless the post also contains swearing (which happens only occassionally). I could explain why I prefer it this way, but it'd be dull. I just do. If you must, why not use the ar**ing star method?
Comments containing personal insults aimed at myself or other commenters will be deleted. I'm happy to discuss issues and argue different points of view, but I find mud-slinging tedious.

Your email address will never be posted on this blog and will never be passed on to a third party. I hate SPAM.

If you want to leave your homepage URL, especially if it's a blog, that's just fine and dandy. People can then read more of what you've got to say, if they're so inclined.
It should be a personal webpage URL of some kind though. The edited comment I mentioned above left a URL for an online Casino. I just deleted the link.

OK, that'll do. This page may be edited further if I feel the need.

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