Saturday, June 04, 2005

Late Night Navel Gazing

I'm not actually sure if the phrase "navel gazing" is in widespread use or not. I've ripped off taken my inspiration from Nick Barlow who uses it as a post category. Here's some of it.

I've just received delivery of my new pet. He came all the way from the Arizona desert. Thank you.

I've also taken the test at the political compass today. I'm a left of centre libertarian (not a huge surprise). I fall somewhere between Nelson Mandela and the Dalia Lama, which is nice. Thanks to Stuart for pointing me at it. I'd seen it before but had never actually got round to doing the test.

Today was also the day when this picture became the most viewed in my Flickr photostream. I'd like to think this is due to the brilliance of my satire. Alas, I have the feeling other forces may be at work. Almost no-one clicks the link to the blog post it relates to, and without an explanation I dread to think what people make of it. Ah well.

In other blog news, the May award for the creepiest keyword search visitor goes to:
"2005 email contact director small arms ammunition company"
Yikes! I'm glad it was a short visit.

Finally, a quick mention of my proxy blog for Anne Begg. To be honest, nothing much is happening. It's been 4 weeks since Anne was re-elected and still no official word on the interwebs. The latest available news still comes from Anne's campaign blog. It's not quite as relevant as it could be. I'm reasonably sure Anne's new website and blog will be up at the beginning of next week. We shall see.

Update: I forgot to mention that I'm still not smoking. I've lost track of exactly how long it's been but it must be around 3 months or so. My doctor said this was probably why I had that sinus infection. I suggested I should start smoking again but he didn't seem overly enamoured by the idea.

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