Thursday, June 02, 2005

Live8 - Has anyone actually thought this through?

I'm with Justin at Chicken Yoghurt for the most part. What's the point? I do have to say that I think Sir Bob probably has good intentions although I've really got nothing to back that up.
The whole Live8 event just seems like a masive distraction from the actual point of the G8 protests. It's looks like a last minute, ill conceived idea.

Justin has most of the bases covered (although I actually like Coldplay, and enough to admit to liking them too). Here's another reason why it isn't a good idea.

Sir Bob called for everyone to make their way up to Edinburgh after the Live8 concert in London on July 2nd. This has caused a lot of fuss and bother in the media. To be honest, I think the idea that safety and security will be an issue is sideshow. I'd like a million people there, Edinburgh is a big place. What I'd really like is for them all to be there at the Make Poverty History demonstration on the 2nd July. It's a demonstration for which plans are well advanced. In an earlier post I mentioned that I'd like to go but have an important wedding to attend that day. Sir Bob doesn't seem to have considered that it might have been better to have coordinated his plans with the organisers of this demonstartion. If anything, the Live8 concert in London will actually reduce attendance at the official MPH demonstration. That doesn't seem like very good idea to me.

Has anyone actually thought this through?

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