Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Be Afraid

A Rant

The government won the vote on the Database/ID card bill with a majority of 31. In the end 20 courageous Labour MPs rebelled against the government. Sadly, my MP was not one of them. The good news is that the bill isn't going to have an easy time in the committee stage. The bad news is that our great leader has decreed on the subject.
"We will have to listen to those concerns and respond to them."
Tony Blair, PMQs, 29/06/05.
Excuse my language but fuck, that's really fucked it. It's safe to assume that "listen" is a code word. Basically, what's going to happen now is that the government is going to make tiny grudging concessions, like capping the cost (a total nonsense as it's all our money, so we'll pay the full costs whatever they are). They'll do just enough of this to appease just enough MPs to get a slightly fudged version of the bill passed into law. Fuck.

If Blair is going to "listen" these are troubling times indeed.

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