Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A Day Off

I haven't really posted anything today. I did intend to blog a story in the P&J about the policing of the G8 summit but I never got round to it. Here's the key sentence:
Special anti-terror powers will enable police to jail protestors for up to seven days during the G8 summit.
The story is on the front page but it's not on the P&J website. I may yet write more on this (I've got the paper so I might scan the story and post it here for your viewing pleasure).

I've written a post about something which happened to me today but I can't decide if it's worth posting. I'll have to read it again in the cold light of whatever time I wake up tomorrow. I've also been meaning to add some more links to my blogroll. I'll get round to that shortly. I'm still on the lookout for good deeds, big or small. Oscar Wildebeest provides an excellent example. That's all for now.

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