Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Activities for Insomniacs 1

What time wasting activities can be pursued when you can't sleep? As someone from Aberdeen I find it inadvisable to count sheep. Instead, I like to explore the wonders of the interweb in a semi-functioning shambolic meandering stroll. is one of those places which lends itself brilliantly to this activity.

Did you ever wonder whether eating carrots really does improve your eyesight? Snopes has the answer. It really surprised me. Who would have thought it? (Obviously that's a rhetorical question not aimed at those who already knew.)

What about those mad suicidal lemmings? Do you know what Darwin would have to say about them? Who cares when you can read all about those leaping lemmings on Snopes. Well I never.

Hours of educational fun to be had if you're suffering from insomnia. I'd imagine it might also be quite useful in the office, not that I'd encourage that sort of thing mind.
I've got an "If" meme I could be doing but it's just too late to attempt anything even marginally thought provoking right now. I will do it tomorrow.

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