Thursday, June 30, 2005

Window Dressing

This must be one of the busiest periods of Tony Blair's premiership. What with having to deal with the G8 summit, the presidency of the EU, continuing efforts to construct a stable and secure Iraq, listening and responding to the many concerns over ID cards... and lots more besides. The demands on the PMs time must be great indeed. So what is Mr Blair doing this afternoon? Well this afternoon, our great leader, along with Sir Bob, face a grilling on MTV.

*takes a deep breath*
The last post was a rant so I'll do my best to remain calm.

I don't mean to disrespect Trevor Nelson or Destiny's Child or anyone else taking part but please. I imagine Blair will say he's trying to encourage young people to become more engaged in politics. He'll say he's listening to the young Africans in the audience. He'll say it's important that he conveys the enormous efforts he's been making to tackle the issue of global poverty. He'll probably even wear a "Make Povery History" wristband.

This would all be great except that the Prime Minister is window dressing while Rome burns. There are lots of real problems which need to be addressed. Encouraging a new generation of posturing, delusional, image obsessed, untrustworthy politicians is not something likely to be of great benefit.

More details of the MTV programme.

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