Thursday, June 23, 2005

No Decision

Here's a quick update to this earlier post on the possible use of the Terrorism Act during policing of the G8 summit. I've received a reply from Tayside Police G8 media unit and their position remains unchanged. The essential point:
If circumstances merit an application to the Home Secretary then this will be considered.
The Sunday Times and the Press and Journal don't seem so sure. Bertie suggests here that the two stories originate from the same briefing. I suppose that still poses the question of who gave the briefing. It doesn't seem likely to have been Tayside Police who apparently haven't decided yet. A Downing Street softening up exercise before the official decision is announced seems the most likely explanation to my mind. Of course, this is purely an operational and not a political decision...

PS, Bertie writes an interesting blog about Ilkley.
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