Friday, June 17, 2005

Utterly Useless Devices: No. 1

What can I possibly say about these politicians. Aren't they supposed to be setting an example for the rest of us? (via taffia don.)
The report says:
Divisional Crime Prevention Officer Pc Simon James said that while the results could not be used as evidence, they can indicate to officers that a person should be searched or questioned.
I wonder if either of the AMs were searched or questioned? I suspect not.
What a spectacularly, outrageously, preposterously, pointless and useless machine.

BTW, I've added 3 new links to my blogroll: Bill, Akatsuki, and taffia don I already mentioned. (I'd like to say that this will lead to an increase in traffic but I'm afraid it's unlikely.) As ususal, I've probably forgotten to link to someone I meant too. I'll no doubt remember at 4.30am.
Right, the next post I post will be the post I mentioned I would post in the previous post (once I write it).

Edit: Duff link, now repaired.

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