Tuesday, June 28, 2005

MSPs; A Sitcom

Yesterday, new Deputy First Minister (and my MSP), Nicol Stephen, announced his changes the Scottish cabinet. As such, it seems only right to focus on a Scottish Parliament story today.

What about this one in the P&J? Yes, everyone's favourite parliament building urgently needs over £15,000 worth of new furniture. For the members bar. Apparently this is because the atmosphere in the bar needs improving. Well, there are often difficult and controversial decisions to be made when spending other people's money, but this one seems straightforward enough.

SNP MSP Fergus Ewing gets to the root of the problem:
"The immediate problem was that the corporate body imposed a ban on journalists [Tuesday to Thursday, now overturned] which resulted in the boycott... That removed at a stroke a very large group of high-spending customers."
Yes, they really did try to ban journalists from the only bar at Holyrood. Talk about a self imposed bullet-foot interface.

Not content with that, this story also came from the Scottish Parliament today. I believe "you couldn't make it up" might be a suitable conclusion.

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