Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Better Late Than...

Regular readers might find something odd about this story from yesterday's Evening Express (28/06/05).
Aberdonians may be too tight or too cold to buy champagne, it was claimed today. A new survey shows Aberdeen has the lowest Champagne sales in the whole of Britain. The research, by supermarket giant Tesco, saw Birmingham topping the league with the most sales of bubbly.
Claimed today? A new survey? Hmm...
Would that be the same new survey mentioned in this post from 21st June? It does appear to be identical in almost every detail. Well, except the date obviously.

Regular readers will also know that the local morning newspaper, the Press and Journal, is owned by Northcliffe Newpaper Group which is owned by the Daily Mail Group. The Evening Express is the evening newspaper from the the same organisation.
(I don't have a link to show that the NNG owns the P&J and the EE. If you click on the Copyright button at the botton of any P&J or EE webpage it'll show you though.)

The well resourced professional journalist types at the Daily Mail subsidiary are only one week behind some guy sitting at home with a computer and an interest in the news. And I think, for this fine achievement, they should be applauded.

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