Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Shallow Waters

I'm not great when it comes to grammer and punctuation. I try to make the effort but there are often times when I just don't know whether a comma should be added (like here), or where to put the dreaded apostrophe. BBC2 showed an interesting programme on the subject last night. Although I knew that some people feel strongly about these rules, I hadn't realised quite how strongly. The chap who added an apostrophe to a sign opposite his office with tipex was an excellent example. The BBC magazine is asking for readers (or is that readers') comments. I'm not going to leave one myself for obvious reasons. The BBC also provide a link to a punctuation quiz. I got 25% which makes me a stickler apparently.

Scots have always been a dab hand at inventing things, so this chap is continuing in a great Scottish tradition. Pretty inspiring stuff for a 12 year old, I reckon.

BBC News 24 were reporting on a survey of UK champagne sales earlier today. Do you know which city in the UK buys the most bubbly? Take a guess. No, you're wrong, I'll have to tell you. It's Birmingham.
Even more surprising is the news that the highest concentration of connoisseurs is in Essex. Remarkable.
There is one result from the survey which isn't surprising. Do you know which UK city's (?) residents buys the least champagne? It's the residents of Aberdeen, the tight fisted misers. Still, I suppose we can't be accussed of being champagne socialists.

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