Saturday, June 11, 2005

Good Deed Noticed

In discussion with Blair Necessities*, we came up with an idea to write a series of posts about good deeds which have gone unnoticed. I think it'll be a good antidote to all the cynical critisisms I write about politicians. Once in a while it's a good idea to stop and recognise there are lots of good things happening in the world every day. What I'd really like is for more people to take up the idea and write their own "good deeds noticed" posts occasionaly. If you do, please feel free to let me know. If I get enough interest I'd like to start a good deed blog which posts links to suitable blog posts from as many people as possible. Here's the first post. And now, here's one from me.

H2O and a friend were out walking the friends dog earlier this week. They were walking down a quiet country road when they spotted a sheep and two lambs walking towards them down the middle of the road. They managed to put the dog on it's lead before it had a chance to chase the sheep but sheep being sheep they turned tail and headed off in the other direction up the road. Now, neither H2O or the friend have any experience in dealing with sheep (contrary to popular opinion most people from the Aberdeen area are not farmers and do not have well developed sheep handling abilities) so they were not sure what to do. There was no sign of a farmer. They continued to walk slowly along the road with the sheep and lambs now leading the way. After a while they passed a field with the gate open. It was apparent that this was where the sheep had escaped from but the sheep had already gone past the gate and were heading on up the road.

And that's how it came to pass that H2O and friend became amateur sheep herders for an afternoon. One ran at full speed to overtake the sheep while the other held the dog to stop a full sheep u-turn. After some shouting and general arm waving the sheep were returned to their field and the gate secured. The farmer is still none the wiser about the eventful afternoon had by his sheep and her two lambs.

As I said, I'd be interested if anyone else is interested in posting similar stories. Let me know via the comments or by email if you've writen a good deed noticed post on your blog.

*I've decided to say Blair Necessities so people don't think I mean Mr Evil Emperor Blair.

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