Tuesday, June 28, 2005

IDiot Update

Some news on the second reading of the Database IDiot bill. The vote is at 22.00 tonight.

Will MPs remember the words of the Information Commissioner when they go to vote?
Govt Watchdog Slams ID Cards:
"The measures go well beyond a secure, reliable and trustworthy ID card. Measures in relation to the National Identity Register and data trail of identity checks risk unnecessary and disproportionate intrusion into individuals' privacy."
Richard Thomas, Information Commissioner, 27/06/05

What about our great leader? Are you listening, Mr Blair?

Nosemonkey has more.

Updates (and an edit):
Rhetorically Speaking highlights the astonishing record of government IT projects.
Chicken Yoghurt points out the absurdity of Charles Clarkes' vacuous statements.
Tim Worstall thinks the whole thing is a waste of space... time, and money.

In conclusion, let's look at this equation:
Database & ID Card Bill + Labour MPs not listening
= long spell in opposition for Labour Party

There you have it. Conclusive scientific proof (as if more were needed) that this bill is IDiocy.

The Vote
First vote: Aye 314, No 287.
Second vote: Aye 313, No 286.*

So that's a government majority of 31. The details are not available yet, but given that the DUP apparently voted with the government, I make that around 10 voting against and another 35 - 40 abstaining or not managing to vote (very roughly). There's still a long way to go before this bill becomes law.

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