Saturday, June 25, 2005

Links Worth Clicking

A Good Deed
Being British and a man, I'm completely unable to communicate when it comes to emotions. I think it's because of something they put in our milk when we're at nursery. Anyway, I think Blair, my long time correspondent from far away, wrote a great post celebrating the 6 month birthday of her son. Happy Birthday Josef!

Me! Me!

I've registered in the TTLB Ecosystem. At the moment I'm an Insignificant Microbe. Outstanding! Should improve a bit once the system has done some sort of scan thing it says here...

Handy provides user ID's and passwords for sites like the NYT who want you to register to access articles (via a comment on this Onlineblog post). Slightly amusingly, bugmenot has actually been recommended by the NYT. There is also a Firefox extension which seems to be working splendidly. Most excellent.

Edit: Now the links are worth clicking. Doh...

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