Wednesday, April 06, 2005

05:05:05. It's Official

I saw Mr Blair make the official announcement today on the news. It was the genuine, sincere, and compassionate Mr Blair which we have all seen so many times before. At least, that's the image he was trying very hard to project. Unfortunately, as I may have mentioned before, I just don't believe a word the man says anymore. He does seems to have decided to be more positive and has toned down his "fear theTories" campaign somewhat. I'd like to think he did this for the good of British politics but I suspect it's only because the polls showed it wasn't working. The Conservatives don't seem to be quite so keen to promote their low tax policy after the Flight affair and the Liberal Democrats welcomed a defector from Labour with open arms, claiming that had been arranged only yesterday.

All of this is rather bleak, but the most frightening thing I saw today was a projected turn out of 53% being reported on Channel 4 News. With a turnout that low, the unthinkable could happen and the Tories might actually win. I still don't think it's likely but it gave me food for thought. Democracy - the right to choose between a rock or hard place. It's not difficult to see why the turnout is expected to be so low. Sigh.

That's all I've got to say about the election today. I will be posting about what I've been up to in a bit.

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