Thursday, April 28, 2005

Hey O'Farrell, put me down.

Vote Labour or the hamster gets it

Another ridiculous email from Labour and they are insinuating that I want you to vote Labour. Sod off! I'll take my chances thanks, Mr O'Farrell.

He says:
"It is terrifying to think that in a week's time we could actually have a Tory government."
It is terrifying to think that a man of Mr O'Farrell's intelligence could seriously suggest that this is a possiblity. Has he seen the opinion polls, the betting predictions, the starting positions of the parties, the swing needed for a Tory government, Michael Howard...
It isn't going to happen!
This election can only decide the size of the Labour majority. Mr O'Farrell wants it to be big, the hamster wants it to be very small.
I'm not scared of Howard because he won't win. I'm scared of what Blair will do if he wins another huge majority.

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