Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Aberdeen Poster Watch Update

I mentioned here that I'd be trying to keep track of the election posters to be found in Aberdeen South. Last time, the count was 5 Labour WARNING... posters (one of which I said was about hospital closures when it's actually about the Tories charging for hospital operations, but never mind that). I've still to spot a single poster for either the Lib Dems, the only other party with a chance of winning in Aberdeen South, or the Tories (no hopers).

There is a curious development to report with regard to the Labour posters though. Today I went past 4 of the 5 places I'd previously spotted the posters and 2 of them are no longer there. Instead, there are just the usual "YOU NEED THIS!" posters. What's happened? Have the Aberdeen Labour Party run out of money? Have they forgotten that the election is still 3 weeks away? Or is there a Lib Dem supporter secretly covering over the Labour posters with advertisements for cars and toothpaste? I'd like to think that Anne Begg, the Labour PPC, has had a change of heart over using these posters, perhaps after reading my complaints in the previous post. Call me a cynical balternastery but I don't put much faith in that last option. Does anyone know the answer? Answers to the usual address please.

I have spotted a full page Conservative advertisement in the local paper. I'll make a half hearted attempt to recreate it here for your amusement. (Check out Chicken Yoghurt if you want to do this properly.)
It says:
Under Labour
a member of staff is
in school every

waffle waffle waffle waffle waffle waffle waffle

Are You Thinking What We're Thinking?

Well, I'm thinking that's a devolved issue so it's pretty irrelevant to this campaign.
But Mr Howard has the answer:
"But we are looking forward, not only to the General Election, but to the next Holyrood election."

That's clever, see how far ahead you can think if you never have to sleep. This isn't a general election poster at all, it's a poster for the 2007 Scottish elections. Well, that's not misleading in the slightest then. I was going to try to enter this as a record for the earliest start to a campaign in UK election history but then I remembered the last 4 years of New Labour government. Drat.

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