Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Thing's I've Learned Recently

I'd already decided that I'd only give very vague details about other people I know in my posts. It seems to me that to do otherwise would be unfair unless I get specific permission first. So here is some vague news.

I don't post from my house, actually it's a flat, but from somewhere else. My flat will be HQ and the other place will be H2. My computer is currently at H2 for a number of boring reasons. The owners of H2 will be known as H2O and they are very nice because they let me use their broadband connection. These are not things I've learned recently but they are relevant to this:

I've been fiddling about with some computer stuff this week and I noticed that my location seems to be showing as somewhere in England. In conversation with H2O I think I know why this is. It's because of the type of router H2O uses. It appears to go through an intermediary service before it connect to the ISP. It also seems to allocate a different IP number every time a PC connects. I didn't think this was unusual but now that I've learned a bit more about how the internet works, I think it probably is slightly odd. Anyway, H2O is happy enough and it's not my place to advise them as to how to connect. At least I think I understand what is going on now.

I've also learned a bit more about blogging. Some of this I have learned from my first regular commenter (thank you, I've responded to your comment underneath again), and some of it I have found online. I found mama's guide to etiquette through a search engine and it seems to have some handy suggestions for good behaviour which I'll try to follow. I also found a blog glossary by via this Yaelf page. I'm sure I've still got a lot more to learn and any suggestions are always welcome. I'll hopefully continue to learn how to be a bit nicer to people along the way.

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