Sunday, April 24, 2005

It's more election news

Aberdeen South
On Friday the Press and Journal printed my letter about the implausibility of the Conservatives winning in Aberdeen South. Voting for the Liberal Democrats isn't a vote for a Tory government as some have tried to claim. In Aberdeen South it's straightforward, only Labour or the Lib Dems can win the seat. The Tories are a distant third. Nationally, Nick Barlow has all the information you need here.
On Saturday the P&J's political editor, David Perry, wrote:
"Forget the Labour and Conservative parties claim that a vote for anyone but them is a "wasted vote". They lie. It isn't."
He goes on:
"The Liberal Democrats have already disabused many of the idea that to cast a ballot in their direction is to throw it away by winning more than 50 seats in Westminster in 2001..."
(P&J, 23 April, p17)
So, a vote for the Liberal Democrats is, yes, a vote for the Liberal Democrats. Anne Begg's scare tactic posters in Aberdeen are meaningless. The Tories won't win the election and they certainly won't win Aberdeen South. I'm so confident of this that I'll publish my full address here if I'm wrong. I won't be losing any sleep worrying about this in the run up to the election though.

Craig Murray is standing against Jack Staw in Blackburn. Mr Murray is the ex-Ambassador who was treated very badly by the Foreign Office after he revealed details of human rights abuses in Uzbekistan, an ally in the "war on terror". He is a man of principle, not something which can be said of his opponent. Read all about his campaign via the link.

Richard Dawkins writes in the Independent. He is supporting Reg Keys in his campaign against Tony Blair in Sedgefield. Dawkins also reminds us why we shouldn't forget IRAQ when we vote on May 5th.
(Via Adam on the Secular Newsline forum.)

And the Mail on Sunday has apparently obtained a leaked copy of the full legal advise with regard to the legality of the invasion of IRAQ. Link via this post (which includes a useful summary of the article) on rhetorically speaking.
The Observer also comments on the leaked document.
Unsurprisingly, the legality of the war doesn't appear to be as clear cut as Blair would have us believe.
Operation Four-Letter-Word will be continuing in Aberdeen this week. Photo's will be posted.
Don't forget IRAQ.

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