Saturday, April 02, 2005

Last Post for the US

The UK general election will be on May 5th and the announcement on the date will be made on on Monday by this liar. It isn't a secret but the rather odd rules by which the country is governed mean that the announcement can only be made a short time before the election. For this reason, and because I've been spending far too much time sitting here recently, this will probably be my last post on the United Stated until after the election.

Dead Wrong
There has been a lot written about this already so I'll keep it short.
On 31st March, Mr Bush (close ally of Blair) issued a statement on the report into the failings of the US intelligence services with regard to WMD. The full text is online at
This is one paragraph of the statement with my translations in [these].

We need to understand the threats and adjust our capabilities to meet those threats. [We didn't face any threat from Saddam.]
We will work to give our intelligence professionals the tools they need. [We will be spending an enormous amount of money on our intelligence services.]
Our collection and analysis of intelligence will never be perfect, but in an age where our margin for error is getting smaller, in an age in which we are at war, the consequences of underestimating a threat could be tens of thousands of innocent lives. [The consequences of overestimating the threat will cost thousands of innocent Iraqi lives but as long as we don't count the casualties it shouldn't matter too much.]
And my administration will continue to make intelligence reforms that will allow us to identify threats before they fully emerge so we can take effective action to protect the American people. [The US will continue to invade other countries as we choose, regardless of international law, UN resolutions, and opposition from the vast majority of the world population.]

Statements like these are another reason why I write about the US so often. It seems to be completely detatched from the facts. The speed at which Bush left the press conference before answering any questions is another. How often does Bush actually have to answer questions from reporters? And when he does, how often are those reporters hand picked by the Whitehouse? Yes, it's another Left Wing Media Conspiracy.

A general post on control of access versus freedom of speach in the media will be posted as soon as I write it although there is no saying when that'll be at this stage.

Disclaimer - I'm glad Saddam is gone. It is the Bush regime's motivation and methods which I object to.

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