Thursday, March 31, 2005

Proper Blogging

Insomnia - Day 4

I've not felt like writing much in the last couple of days as I haven't been sleeping well. A combination of reasons are to blame but I won't bore you with the details. I've been trying to take my mind off things with some blog experimenting. More details on this in my next post. Anyway, since I don't feel in the frame of mind to write much, here are links to some posts which I thought were good. I've got no connection to these proper bloggers other than the fact that I read them.

Chicken Yoghurt provides lots of very good reasons why you should support the people of Backing Blair. has reaction to the nomination of Wolfowitz as the new head of the World Bank.
Guido lays into all three main parties.
MediaMediaWatch isn't very complimentary to the religious groups who are harrassing the BBC over the Jerry Springer saga. Lots more info on this available on this site. I chose this post because of the last line.
Edit - Oops, that should be MediaWatchWatch. Silly me.

Finally, Bloggerheads has a screen grab which might amuse.
(I've been on a nameless blog this evening which mentioned this effect but with an update saying that it no longer works. At least the evidence is forever preserved.)

Comments and/or trackbacks may be forthcoming. I never know whether this is good manners or leeching on the good work of others. Advice welcome.

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