Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Gladiator was 'al-Qaeda Target

I was about to do a diary post but I just can't resist this one. I'm sure lots of other people have noticed this as well but here is my slightly edited version of the story as reported by the BBC.

Actor Crowe was 'al-Qaeda target'

Actor Russell Crowe has revealed he was told he was being targeted by suspected al-Qaeda terrorists who wanted to kidnap him...The threat led to him being tailed by FBI agents during the filming of two of his movies. The plot involved "taking iconographic Americans out of the picture"

The report goes on to say that "the FBI eventually thought the kidnap threat had been "overstated"."


The full BBC report can be seen at Actor Crowe was 'al-Qaeda target

I've also just been watching Comic Relief does Fame Academy. The Comic Relief part just about makes the Fame Academy part bearable. Vote for Edith I tell you! She's a good singer, she's from round my way, and she's not bothered about being on TV without her make up. What a woman!

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