Monday, March 21, 2005

Diary Post 8

I bough some chocolate mini eggs today. This is the first time I've caved in and bought chocolate which was not FairTrade since I wrote Diary Post 1 at the beginning of March. In my defence, I am 8 miles outside of Aberdeen today so I would have had to take a bus into town to buy FairTrade. I'll be back in Aberdeen tomorrow so I'll be able to stock up. I'm also still not smoking (7 days and 15 minutes since my last cigarette).This is why I needed chocolate so desperately. I admit it's not a very good defence, I just need to be more organised in future.

Another Confession
OK, this is hard to admit. It's a flaw in my character which I just can't overcome. Today, I watched the Formula 1 race from Malaysia. And I enjoyed it. I know it is a disgusting waste of money and I know that motor sports are bad for the environment but I just can't give it up. I even know that 9 out of 10 races are dull and uneventful but still I watch it. I've always loved the feeling of travelling fast and F1 cars go faster than any other racing cars in the world (IRL fans take note - I'm talking about driving round tracks with left and right turns here). I've been watching these races since I was about 18 and I rarely miss one. I've never been to see a race live, but if I'm honest that's because it's so expensive. So there it is, conclusive proof that I'm not a bearded leftie. It's no defense but I did sell my car last weekend. Please don't hate me.

Good Living
I'm still drinking water instead of brand name cola and I've converted 2 households to FairTrade coffee and tea. I bought some Make Poverty History wristbands which selected people are now wearing. I've been sorting out my finances; I'm going to switch to an ethical bank, possibly the Cooperative Bank, but I'll need to do a bit of research first. I'm also recycling more than I used to. Overall, I think I am starting to overcome my apathy. I'll keep working at it.

(There are far too many " I" references in this post, what am I, an egomaniac? It's hard to believe I wasn't going to speak about myself at all when I started this blog.)

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