Thursday, March 24, 2005

Diary Post 9

Not smoking - Day 11 (just).
I went to my flat yesterday. Took the bus into town which cost £2 each way. It's about 8 miles from here, (read some other diary posts, I'm not at my flat very much right now) so it cost £4 to travel 16 miles. Is this good value? I'm not sure. I really do need to get my bike up and running again.

I'm going for lots of walks and this has led to an odd development; the cat has decided that he likes to come with me. I start to put on my shoes and he gets up and waits at the door. I go out and he happily trots along right behind me. I've only gone about a mile away from the house with him because I don't want him to get lost. Is this normal behaviour for a cat? He's about 15 years old and he's only recently started to do it. I've checked all my pockets and I'm not carrying any meat. Weird, but it's worth it just to see other people's faces as the two of us walk past.

I had been managing to sleep at normal times but that's gone out the window this week. I blame the nicotine patches, the lesser of two evils. It's coming up to 2am and I don't feel like sleeping. Might take the cat out for another walk, I'll see once I get up off this chair. My PC, which is upstairs, still refuses to be nice to me. Limited or no connectivity - what's that all about? I've installed Firefox on this PC but not as the default browser so IE still makes an occasional, unrequested appearance. Apply suitable STD metaphor of your own choosing.

That's it. I'm going to put my recent posts into my index pages and switch this thing off. (I'm sure there are easier ways to archive posts by category, but I'm kind of happy I did it myself. Not elegant, but it works after a fashion.)

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