Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Bandwagon Update

Yesterday, I posted this. Now, I'm not a professional writer or a journalist, (yes, I know it's obvious) but I though it was a pretty funny way to say what I thought about the initiatives launched yesterday. I thought I might be in a minority of one but then I found this:
Howard Bandwagon Watch.
I had to double-check and it seems that this really is on the official Labour Party website. Really. I'm not joking. It is. Honestly. Google for Labour and look in the latest news section. See.
I've had a quick look at the Conservative website but they don't have anything similar that I can find. You're missing a trick there, Michael.

I'm tempted to suggest that this is because someone at Labour HQ checked to see what I'd written with the link to their site yesterday, but that is just my ego talking. Back in the box, Mr Ego, there's nothing for you here. Besides, you'd think that they'd have emailed me to say thanks if they'd got this idea from me.

Obviously, I don't really think that they've ripped me off. I do really think that the words "kettle, black, the, pot, calling, the" might somehow be rearranged to express what I think about Labour's amusing new addition to their website.
Oh, and I think that what I wrote is much funnier than the dross they've come up with. It's hardly an objective opinion but there you are.

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