Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Uzbekistan; A Good Ally

I first heard of the human rights abuses in Uzbekistan when I saw the former UK ambassador to the country, Mr Craig Murray, being interviewed on the BBC News 24 programme Hardtalk. I was shocked by the situation he portrayed. The Uzbek government systematically uses torture to extract intelligence and the US and UK governments knowingly accept and use information gained in this way. It seems that Mr Bush is reluctant to air critisicms of the regime because it is an ally in the war on terror and allows the US to maintain a military base in the country.

In an effort to publicise the human rights abuses committed by the Uzbek government (with the implicit support of the US and the UK), Mr Murray has decided to stand against his former employer Jack Straw in the upcoming general election. If you would like to support Mr Murray or just find out more you can get further information on his website. It can be found at

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