Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Diary Post 5

My PC still isn't working
I still can't get my PC to connect to the internet through my network card so I'm still using another PC for the moment. I feel slightly guilty because this one doesn't have the Firefox browser and my blog has a wee "Get Firefox" banner. And I miss the option to open a new page in a tab instead of having to open a new window. I'll work on the owner of this PC to install Firefox but I'm not going to do it unless permission is given.

I am managing to resist smoking which is a surprise to me. I have not had a cigarette for 39 hours. This also explains why I posted 5 times yesterday. My advise leaflet recommends keeping busy so I'm keeping busy. This afternoon I am going to see if I can archive my posts by category which should occupy much of the rest of the day. If any random index pages appear above this one then I've probably not got it quite right. We shall see.

I'm also avoiding going to my own flat this week as this will be by far the hardest place to resist the evil lure of nicotine. I'm about to go for a walk because I couldn't stop eating yesterday and need to get some exercise if I don't want to blow up like a balloon. Still no fizzy drinks or unfairly traded chocolate though. I did buy some crisps (special Comic Relief flavours so I don't feel too bad about it). That's it for now. I might post more later if I need to be distracted further.

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