Friday, March 04, 2005

Who Edits This Nonsense?

I read that a blog is push button publishing and now that I've started doing it I can see exactly what that means. Nobody else reads what I write before I post it, I write, I read it back, I rewrite what I think needs rewriting, and then I post. It is a triumph for free speech at a time when much of the mainstream media has to pander to the whims of those large corporations who pay their bills. I can write what I want even if it is dull and uninteresting.

Push button publishing also means that I can post something and then realise later that I didn't get it quite right. I've learned a lot about this already but I did it again yesterday. I am going to clarify what I meant to say rather than edit the post. You are what you post and all that.

I said yesterday that I am going to try to avoid buying any more US products. I meant to say that I am going to try to avoid buying any more products from certain companies who have questionable business practices. This still rules out a lot of stuff but I'm not intending to avoid something just because it is from a US company. In fact it doesn't actually matter where the company is based or who owns it. It is more about how they go about the business of making their money. This is a grey area for me and not something I know a great deal about as yet. I'll try to err on the side of caution while I investigate further.

I didn't buy anything from anyone today so my avoidance of certain products has been 100% successful so far. I imagine it will be more difficult when I have some money in my pocket though.

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