Friday, March 18, 2005

Trust New Labour

Yesterday I posted New Labour, New Danger. I was trying to make the point that Labour has been systematically attacking the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats in advance of the expected general election. Once upon a time Mr Blair said "Positive policies win elections not negative campaigning." It seems that he doesn't believe this anymore. He must have used his reverse gear (before it stopped working, obviously).

A story today in my BBC News email update seems to fit well with yesterdays post:
Voters 'don't trust politicians'
A BBC poll has found that 8 out of 10 voters do not trust politicians. This is hardly surprising to me or, I imagine, anyone else who lives in the UK. What I did find a bit of a surprise was what Jack Straw said at a meeting of activists in his constituency.
"He acknowledged that the public had lost faith in Labour, but suggested it could persuade people to "reinvest their trust with us" if the party could overcome Tory attempts to spread cynicism in politics."

I feel the best response to this might be to reiterate the statement on the poster unveiled yesterday by Blair and Brown.
It said "WARNING, The Tories will cut £35bn from Public Services".
This slogan was widely criticised by the Tories and by many independent commentators as it was said to be misleading.

How cynical of the Tories to cause such a fuss about a poster which is basically a lie. You tell them, Jack!

Just in case this is the first post you've read on my blog I'm going to state catagorically that I absolutely do not want the Conservatives to win this election or any other election. I want British politics moved back to the centre so I can be comfortably in the middle.

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