Friday, March 18, 2005

US Troop Reduction in Iraq

Unfortunately it doesn't look like this will be happening anytime soon.
The Washington Post does report that General Cody has said that there would be a reduction in US troops in Iraq by early 2006. I read the article and I noticed that there was absolutely no mention of consultation with the soon to be formed Iraqi government.
The New York Times article does have one mention of the Iraqi government. At the risk of getting sued (I don't know much about copyrights but I think this is OK) I will quote from the NYT article.

General Cody said that the decision "hinged on several factors, including the security situation on the ground, the size and competence of newly trained Iraqi forces and the wishes of the new Iraqi government."
Third on the list but at least he mentioned it.

I also have to include this. General Cody's response to the question of whether US troops strength in Iraq would definitely be smaller by early 2006; "I would think so, but your definition of smaller and my definition of smaller may be different."
According to the NYT, these are the words of the US army's second ranking general.
I'm tempted to link to several definitions of smaller from various dictionaries. I don't think it's necessary. General, if you're reading this I can help you out. Smaller, you know, a lesser quantity.

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