Saturday, March 12, 2005

Diary Post 3

I've not had much time to comment on the news in the last couple of days because I've been busy. This is a quick diary post of some of the things I've been up to. If you want to know why I do these posts you might want to read this or this. In short I'm trying to record my attempt to try and learn how to be a bit nicer to people. I'm not looking to boast. In fact I know that I've still got a great deal to learn.

Anyway, yesterday I did a wee walk for Comic Relief. See yesterdays post if you're interested. Today I did something rather dramatic; I sold my car. It wouldn't be entirely honest to blame Mr Bush and his buddies in the oil industry for this turn of events. I've only had a car for 1 of the last 5 years anyway. I'm glad it's gone because I was using it far to often and was putting on weight. When I don't have a car I normally cycle although I have to admit that it's just a tiny bit too cold to make this seem like a good idea at the moment. I'll just have to look out the waterproofs and thermals and get the bike back on the road anyway.

I've also put my PlayStation 2 up for sale on Ebay because I'm trying to use my spare time more productively and because the cash won't go amiss (see, I told you I wasn't a leftie, I own a PS2). The family house also recieved a delivery of FairTrade cookies which I ordered from the Traidcraft website. They are Double Chocolate Chip and very tasty indeed. And I am still resisting buying any chocolate apart from 2 FairTrade bars which I bought from the Coop. I can't give up chocolate completely because I don't have the willpower so I'm buying FairTrade and nothing else. I have given up my favourite fizzy drink and this is going well.

I've done one other thing which I'm going to mention in order to help with my motivation. I bought Nicotine patches. I'm going to quit as of Monday. When I click the Publish button I am committed. If you have never smoked you are:
a) smarter than me.
b) probably financially better off than me.
c) not likely to fully appreciate how difficult quitting can be.

I'm determined though. I'll update with my success/failure as the days pass.

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