Monday, March 28, 2005

A Cheap Shot (by me).

Once in a while, someone says something so stupid that I can't resist a cheap shot at it. Today is such a day.
It follows on from Tory Idiots which I wrote last week. It is amusing enough that Howard Flight seems determined to keep this story in the news by refusing to go quietly, but it is Michael Howard's statement today which I can't let pass without comment.

Explaining the reason for the sacking of Mr Flight:
"It is about the suggestion that the Conservative Party is saying one thing before an election and intends to do something else afterwards. That is not the case."
Michael Howard, BBC report.

Oh dear. I like to try to keep an eye on the news and I've never heard the Conservative's say anything like this:
"After the election, and facing another 5 years in opposition, the Conservative party will contend yet another round of messy infighting. This will be followed by a bitter leadership contest."
Does this mean that every member of the party will be stepping down?

I told you it was a cheap shot. Still, I don't think many people will take issue with this post on May 6th. I won't delete it so feel free to come back and gloat if I'm wrong.

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