Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Diary Post 6

I've been having a lot of problems with blogger today. I can't seem to get my posts published and I can't get into the edit post section. I suspect that blogger has some problems with its servers or something but it is slightly irritating. I don't know what time I'll get this one posted but I'm stubborn. Once I start something I'll keep going till it's done, so it will be up eventually. I've also written another post which I'll get up as soon as blogger cooperates. I'm still posting from another PC but I've decided I don't hate computers after all. I haven't decided if they hate me though.

Still not smoking. It will be 72 hours very soon (at time of writing). I am getting through my Fairtrade cookies at an extraordinary rate, might need to order some more when I get a bit of spare cash. I've been walking a lot and this is a good method of distraction. Already my nose and taste buds are working better. I'm more determined than ever to succeed. Food hasn't tasted this good since, well, since I started smoking and that was quite some time ago.

Last night I finished reading "Surviving the Killing Fields" by Haing S. Ngor. I bought it in a charity shop for 60p. Haing Ngor played Dith Pran in the film and won an Oscar for his performance. It is one of those books which you will never forget once you've read. Haing's depiction of his time under the Khmer Rouge is harrowing in the extreme (there are advance warnings to skip certain sections if you prefer).Tomorrow I'm going back to the charity shop to buy another book. I'm going to try to get something light and funny because I haven't been sleeping well while reading Haing's story. The fact that I can do this is just one more benefit of being born in a developed country. Perhaps one day every person in the world can live the life of freedom and luxury which I take for granted.

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