Monday, March 14, 2005

Anti-Terror Bill (yet again)

I'm a bit late with this as I've been busy with other stuff. I was going to write about what happened to the bill between the Commons and the Lords in my own clumsy way. Instead I found a blog post which says it all much better than I can. I found it while looking through Tim Worstall's BritBlog Roundup.

It is by Nosemonkey on Europhobia and it is Thank the Lords for the Lords
Well said Nosemonkey. I suppose this is kind of what I was trying to say when I quoted A very clever man.
The bill is still not ideal but it's a sight better than the first effort proposed by the Home Secretary.

Novice at work
I just got Trackback installed so this is my first link to another blog. Hopefully I can get the Trackback to work OK.

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