Monday, March 21, 2005

It's Cheap and it's Nasty

I rarely manage to find the time to browse the London newspapers. Watching the news today, I realise that I must have missed an advertisement (maybe 2) in one of these papers. I can only speculate that it must have looked something like this:

Political party seeks bandwagons for use in the upcoming general election campaign. In particular, we are looking for bandwagons which are popular, easy to understand, and which can be summed up in a slogan of less than 10 words. All offers will be considered based on these criteria. Decency and morality are not a requirement. Owners of suitable bandwagons should apply in writing in the first instance.

This advert must have appeared some time ago because I've seen the first results of it today.
The Conservatives launched a new initiative.
Details are available from The Conservative Party or the BBC.
The Tories are going to get tough on illegal gypsy camps if they win the election.

This link to The Sun newspaper might give some indication as to what is happening here. Might I suggest that Mr Howard just tells Mr Murdoch that he loves him and that he wants love in return? I've always found that honesty is the best policy in any relationship.

Not to be outdone, Labour announced their own initiative. The quality of school meals is high in the agenda. The BBC website headline is School dinners 'gimmick' denied.
Jamie Oliver started this one (not that I'm trying to blame him, he actually does seems to care about what children eat at school).

Unfortunately, I have the feeling that this won't be my last post of this type in the run up to the election. In the interest of fairness, if anyone has a Liberal Democrat bandwagon (or indeed one from any other party) they'd like me to mention, just let me know.

I wasn't going to add this but I can't resist. I was watching The Wright Stuff on Ch5 this morning (see why I wasn't going to mention it?) and they had a viewers poll:
Who would you rather have running the country, Tony Blair or Jamie Oliver?
Result: 10% Tony Blair, 90% Jamie Oliver. Not scientific, not relevant, but it's something to think about all the same. Pukka!

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