Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Title has been put out to tender

The full Cabinet has been announced much to the delight of all and sundry. Following on from this post, I feel I should say something about the return of Beverly Hughes as Minister for Children. Due to time constraints I've not been able to refresh my memory as yet. The BBC today says:
Ms Hughes, who becomes children's minister, stepped down last year after "unwittingly" misleading people over her knowledge of lax visa checks on Romanian and Bulgarian applicants.
The BBC have decided to put "unwittingly" in quotes. I don't know what that signifies but I may try to look it up at some point.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives seem to be having some entirely unexpected problems of their own. More from the BBC:
Former Conservative treasurer Lord Kalms wants the leadership race to start now.
He told BBC News: "There's nothing worse than a lame duck leader."
I'm afraid I don't know much about Lord Kalms but I have to agree with his analysis.

The campaign for a fair voting system seems to be gathering momentum. (This might be a good time to mention that I don't have anything against Billy Bragg. It was just one of those throw away lines bad writers use to try and get a cheap laugh.)
The Independent has lots to say, starting with this:
The Government is facing calls for a wholesale review of the voting system after the general election was condemned as a "travesty of democracy". Politicians from all parties demanded that the first-past-the-post system be scrapped after Labour formed a Government with the smallest share of the vote for more than 100 years.
Make My Vote Count are having a meeting on Wednesday in the House of Commons. Chicken Yoghurt encourages us to attend. I'd really like to go (and maybe even meet Billy Bragg). There is the small matter of about 540 miles getting in the way of that happening unfortunately. There are definitely some disadvantages to living up north.

But fear not. The CuriousHamster is undoubtedly getting closer to the seat of power. Or rather, the seat of power is getting closer to him. The Press and Journal reports that Nicol Stephen, my MSP, is the front runner to become leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats:
The 45-year-old will find it hard to turn down the opportunity which would see him become deputy first minister.
I've been in his office. The power, the power... Oh, I'm feeling dizzy, I'd better stop.
One final link for anyone who missed this with all that election nonsense going on last week. This really is worth a read. From the Guardian: Incoming cloud forces Bush into safe bunker
Ha Ha. I normally find an umbrella does the job quite satisfactorily.
Edit: Danm tpyos. And again. Reminder to self - I really shouldn't post when I'm in such a hurry.

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