Saturday, May 07, 2005

Quick Thoughts

"I know Iraq has been a divisive issue in this country but I hope now we can unite again and look to the future."
Tony Blair, 6th May 2005
He has been very busy running his election campaign. Perhaps he can be excused if he hasn't had time to keep up to date with the latest news from Iraq? Forward not Back.

More on Electoral Reform
David Lipsey, chairman of the Make Votes Count campaign, said yesterday that the first past the post system had reduced the general election to a travesty of democracy...
"How can a government backed by only one in four or five electors who turned out conceivably claim any sort of valid democratic mandate?"
Guardian, 7th May, 2005 (via)
It's something to remember next time Mr Blair says "I, we, the government" have won an historic third term and a mandate from the people of this country.
Update: A Logical Voice is running a PR experiment here. It's early days but the Lib Dems are winning. Get on over there and make your voice heard.

Triviality of the Day
I will be updating my sidebar later on today. Lots of changes are needed now that the election is over. The Sharpener will be going in. There's a good post on there by Jim Bliss about Paxman. I read it yesterday and realised it was exactly what I thought. I didn't know it was what I thought until I'd read it though.
There'll be more additions too. Before I do that, I really do have to get the duster out.
And a final question: Can anyone tell me if *this* is a more acceptable blogging method of saying this? Sometimes interweb conventions can be just so confusing to a technophobe.

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