Friday, May 20, 2005

National TV Company Found to be Biased

An Exclusive BSSC Report

In this exclusive report I can reveal the shocking bias displayed by one of this great nations TV companies. This company, while claiming to be impartial, participates in any number of activities which can be seen to be politically motivated. Furthermore, the company broadcasts a 24 hour news channel, further disseminating its insidious political bias on a regular basis. During my thorough investigation I have found evidence of bias which I believe must be put into the public domain. Read the full story exclusively here on BSSC.

The first inkling I had that there was something amiss was when watching television in the house of a colleague. This colleague informed me that in order to watch his favourite television programmes he was forced to pay a regular “licence fee”. I suggested that he should exercise his power as a consumer and choose to view only free television channels. To my amazement, he informed me that many of the broadcasts he wished to view were exclusive to this subscription service. Live premiership football, test match cricket, live boxing, box office movies, the list was endless. My colleague’s only choice was to pay for these services from the company in question, or not receive them at all. Further investigations have revealed that this state of affairs does indeed exist. My colleague has attempted to establish a rival service in order to increase consumer choice but has been hindered due to lacking the millions of pounds needed to buy the relevant broadcast contracts. As yet, my complaints to the Monopolies and Mergers Commission remain unanswered.

I decided to investigate further. I can now exclusively reveal that this TV company is owned by a billionaire Australian tycoon who pays no taxes in this great nation. Furthermore, this gentleman is unashamedly right wing and capitalistic. It appears that he is ideologically committed to the continuation of his campaign to make himself as absurdly wealthy as is inhumanly possible. The gentleman was unavailable to give any comment to this reporter with regard to these shocking revelations.

There is a final sting in the tale of this sordid saga. It would appear that this same TV company is openly selling broadcasting time to the highest bidder. This time can be bought in 30 second segments and can be used to “advertise” products specifically in order to increase the sales and profits of the companies involved. These “advertisements” are broadcast routinely at 15 minute intervals on numerous channels, including during the broadcasting of national and international news. This extraordinary bias towards the right wing must surely be legislated against. I have, as yet, found no evidence that the large quantities of money received by the TV company from its “advertisers” has affected the quality of its news reporting in any way.

I will continue my relentless pursuit of the shocking truth behind this story as soon as I’ve managed to locate a bottle of Dasani water to quench my thirst. It’s not that easy to buy in the UK these days. I often have to order it from the USA but that’s another story.

This has been an exclusive report by A. Troll for BSSC News Services. And now back to Hugh in the studio.

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