Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Queen's Speech and Beyond

Breaking News: Clever People Have Been Writing Things
Here are links to some of the things they've written (I've still got a head full of sn*t)

Justin at Chicken Yoghurt looks at what the Queen said today. Elsewhere I read Tim Worsall saying "Good man that Chicky. Someone get him a national column will they?" I concur.
Nosemonkey at Europhobia feels some sympathy for our Liz.
(Also at Europhobia from a while back, this about nationalism, the EU, and utopian wonderlands. I liked this, agreed, couldn't have expressed it nearly as well, but never got round to linking. Until now.)
On rhetorically speaking and written before the Queen trotted down to parliament, sometimes a bad idea is just a bad idea is a worthy read on the wisdom of ID cards.

I read a couple of interesting articles in the Independent about fair voting.
62 per cent of the electorate disagree with Blair on electoral reform on a poll conducted for the paper.
John Curtice: Why the debate on PR is only just beginning takes the gloss off the headline figure above but is still encouraging.

Tom Burka writes Bush to Retract War on Opinions You Should Have. I only spotted this blog yesterday but it's definitely going in the blogroll, to be listed under the category "I wish I'd written that".
(I'll be making a few other slight adjustments to my blogroll later too.)

The Guardian has been writing about George Galloway's appearance in the US and links to their newsblog post on the same story. The comments on the post can really only be described as a gorgeous love in. I was going to leave a comment myself but when I visited the comments had been disabled. Curious.
Todays unrelated phrase is: litigious cigar smoking indefatiguable Scottish MP of dubious integrity (but great respect).
Oh, you can still see George versus Jeremy via the BBC if you've yet to experience the pleasure.

I also wanted to include a link to this by Jim Bliss. It doesn't really relate to anything else here but it's here all the same.
Right, that's it, I'm off for another hot lemon. It's days like this when I wish I still drank whisky.

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